Homebuyer Reports

A HomeBuyer Report is a survey suitable for conventional properties in reasonable condition.  The RICS Homebuyer Report can be used to renegotiate the price.  A valuation can be requested with this report.

The RICS Home Survey is a concise report. It’s written in a straightforward format, which is easy to read and understand. This survey is based on a visual inspection of as much of the inside and outside of the building.  Suitable for properties constructed after 1900 an RICS Home Homebuyer Report, will provide enough detail to make the right decision.  If the property you are purchasing is unusual, in its design or construction or those that are particularly large might require a more detailed report, in the form of an RICS Building Survey.

Why Get a Homebuyer Report?

The RICS Homebuyer Report provides extensive information about the conditions of specific areas and aspects of the property. Including:

  • A general review of the property’s condition;
  • An overview of legal considerations;
  • Major and minor issues that need urgent attention;
  • Providing an insight into whether the property’s pricing is reasonable;
  • Condition ratings are provided to each section detailing repairs and maintenance
  • The Homebuyer Report can used to determine whether to proceed with the offer, open renegotiation or walk away.

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